Survive! Version 0.71 released

Posted on March 29th, 2011 by SchokoKeks  |  28 Comments »

Download Survive! 0.71:

(ca 53 BM)

Survive! Version 0.71 Alpha via
Uploaded Mirror
Please read the ingame help if you are new to the game.
Important bulletin: If you get an error regarding “msvcr100.dll”, install the Microsoft C++ 2010 Redist Kit and delete that file from the game folder.
Visit Survive! on


Changes in 0.71:

  • Public internet server list
  • LAN mode
  • Create your own public or private server
  • Automatic port forwarding with UPnP
  • Several small bugfixes and optimizations
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Survive! Version 0.7 released

Posted on March 22nd, 2011 by SchokoKeks  |  6 Comments »

Official Server online 24/7, but very crowded!
I’m working on the next version, which will include a serverlist.

See this article on indiedb on how to open a private server, for yourself and your friends to play when the official server is full.

Download Survive! 0.7:

(ca 53 BM)

JustSids Mirror
Rapidshare Download
Uploadstube Download (German page)
Please read the ingame help if you are new to the game.
New: Visit Survive! on


Changes in 0.7:

  • Automatic turrets dropped randomly
  • New enemy type: flying harpies
  • Limited ammunition, return to weapon crates to get new ammo
  • More build-time between waves, but waves can no longer be delayed
  • Weapon recoil and bullet trail effects!
  • New balancing, all weapons are now useful!
  • Sprinting!
  • New damage models for crates, new shader (can be turned off in menu)
  • Many detail tweaks
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Survive! Version 0.62 released

Posted on February 7th, 2011 by SchokoKeks  |  No Comments »

Version outdated!

Download Survive! 0.621:

(ca 43 BM)

Rapidshare Download Download

Please read the ingame help if you are new to the game.


  • New game mode: You have to protect the generator. If it gets destroyed the round is over!
  • New metal crate (takes more hits)
  • New skins for wooden crates and parachute
  • New skins and animations for player
  • Ingame menu on ESC, allows changing options ingame
  • Improved enemy AI
  • Balancing adjustments and many small changes
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Survive! Version 0.61 released

Posted on January 30th, 2011 by SchokoKeks  |  No Comments »

Download Survive! 0.61:

(ca 56 BM)

Rapidshare Download
Megaupload Download

Please read the ingame help if you are new to the game.

Here is a brand new video I’ve just uploaded that show you a bit of the gameplay:

Its an update with some new features, see here:

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Survive Version 0.6 Alpha released!

Posted on January 26th, 2011 by SchokoKeks  |  No Comments »

Its finally done!

If you need a description of this release, please head over to the 3DGS user forum and see my post there:

Survive! 0.6 Alpha / online team survival game

Here are the download links for direct download (56 MB):

No Download, this version is outdated! See News for newest Version!

Sorry, I could only upload this file on freehosters because of the size.

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Survive! Progress #2

Posted on January 24th, 2011 by SchokoKeks  |  No Comments »

I’m glad to announce that I’m nearly done with version 0.6. There are some details to improve, but all the features are in and working properly. I’m still waiting for my used A7 Professional copy to arrive so I can use wrs compression to protect my assets. It should be delivered today or tomorrow. Then I’ll have to update my ANET license. After that I’m ready to release! I’m really looking forward to this!

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Survive! Progress #1

Posted on January 18th, 2011 by SchokoKeks  |  No Comments »

I’m making great progress with my Survive! Redesign. Most of the wanted features are already included. You can build, climb and there are several different enemy AI’s included. Still, I’ve got to add a menu, weapon crates and some bugfixing. After that, version 0.6 Beta will be released. I hope that I do that release within a week.

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Merry Christmas

Posted on December 27th, 2010 by SchokoKeks  |  No Comments »

and happy holidays to everyone!

I’ve put the MMO Project aside again…. but there are good news: Survive! is rising up again! I’m doing a redesign using the ANet network plugin and lite-C.
I’ll change the gameplay as well: You’ll be able to build during the rounds from a first person perspective. Build material will be limited of course. The enemies are going to get smarter, they’ll have different attack patterns and take much less hits to kill. Also, I’m aiming for a more consistent style, its supposed to like like its slapped together.

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Update on my work

Posted on October 7th, 2010 by SchokoKeks  |  No Comments »

Find the latest screenshots and a techdemo here:
techdemo and screenshot forum post

Sorry for not writing for some months.

I’ve got to admit that i didn’t work on the MMORPG for quite some time now. I’ve had some serious synchronization issues with the pathfinding and lost motivation. I’m now back on it and will try another approach on that. It was mainly the many posts about MMOs that popped up over the 3DGS forums that got me motivated again.

There were a lot of spam comments on the blog, so I had to disable comments. Don’t know when they’ll be back. If you want to ask or write something to me, see the contact page.

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‘MMO’ progress update #8

Posted on July 29th, 2010 by SchokoKeks  |  No Comments »

Great news! After finishing all tests at university it’s holiday now! Finally I’ve got a lot of time on my hands to work on the game. In the last week, I’ve already added a spell shortcut bar which you can see on the picture below:

New menu icons can be seen in the panel on the bottom of the screen. Their function are (from left to right): character information, quests, inventory, spells/abilities, map, main menu.
Only character information, inventory and spells/abilities are working right now. Quests and the map will not be implemented in the prototype.

I’ll try to post more updates and screenshots from now on, stay tuned!

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